Today, my little-big dog Sirus passed on. There’s not much more you can say about the love of a dog, or the joy they bring, sadness they absorb and prevent. Sirus was a good dog, a great dog, and I’m sad he’s not around no more, but lucky and glad he ever was. See you, mate.

I don’t write about music anymore. I don’t write about much of anything anymore, really. There’s not much time for writing when you’re doing things and making stuff. Not saying that writers don’t do stuff or make things, they’re just doing different stuff and making different things to me. Some of that stuff is good, I gotta say - some people are gonna write real good words, and they’re gonna write them about songs like this song, but that’s not really my place anymore.

I don’t have much time for writing, but I like this song a whole lot. It might be a Bladerunner reference, it might not be. I can’t judge the reference/intention. Mysteries are a band from A and I think they’ll release some songs soon, this first song here is a good start. Good cracker.