Pikachu's face, tho
Anyone know who this is? 
Goswin. So goswin
Lego movie ###swag
Ass-pool? Dead Creed?
Is M
amoa in costume, or is Mamoa THE costume? Stark it up, Venom
References, anyone?
Chest bump best mates forever

The wider stereotype of “sexy-girl-hero” and “tough-guy-hero” is there, but often ignored. I’m not sure if this is a recent change, or something that’s always happened, but the crowd don’t give a fuck that they’re supposed to be damsels in distress or troubled war heroes. It’s. Great.

Read more of my piece on Oz Comic-Con 2014 at Junkee.com

So, I went to Oz Comic-Con, and it was pretty swell. I wrote about it for Junkee, but these are some of the photos that didn’t quite make it into that spread.

If you know what the references in photos and 9 are, let me know. I don’t, and would love to. 

If they are you and you want them away from the internet, say so. If you want them to keep, take them. They’re yours.

Today, my little-big dog Sirus passed on. There’s not much more you can say about the love of a dog, or the joy they bring, sadness they absorb and prevent. Sirus was a good dog, a great dog, and I’m sad he’s not around no more, but lucky and glad he ever was. See you, mate.